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NEWS!!!! (and Updates)


Cool things are happening…Excited to have one of my shorts play at Series 1 of this new film screening program. Check it out!!!bammysdad/c1rr9


TRAILER for BRAND NEW SHORT called "DISILLUSION" added to the trailer page!  Check it out!!


Film Al Fresco has posted their lineup and dates for the film festival. Not The End of The World is listed under July 11th, and my brother Dan's film Rough Edits is showing with other shorts on July 25th. All the info is there. But, more importantly, the food trucks.


"Marc's Home Movies" airs tonight and every upcoming Thursday at 10 on PhillyCam!! 

Check it out!


Great festival/showing news today!!

We have learned that the short Bammy's Dad will be playing on March 24th in Doylestown, PA as part of POP-UP PROJECTOR MONDAYS.

Info here:


RAPTOR, our musical, will be featured as part of SINema After Hours in Philadelphia, taking place April 10-12.  

More updates to follow, but info for the incredibly fun-sounding event can be found here:

Hope to see you all there!!



Hey!!! Here is a BRAND NEW SPECIAL made for public access TV. There are some shorts, cartoons, and a vague sense of dread and comfort, not unlike purgatory and/or limbo. Sound like your kind of thing? …Really? It does? 

Hmm…Alright, check it out…